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Welcome to the unique Lucky Bamboo-Community!

On this site we want to engage with the Dracaena Sanderiana.

Better known as: ´Lucky Bamboo´.

The Lucky Bamboo is not associated with the bamboo-species. It is assigned to the Dracaenas. So it is a Dragon Tree!
This plant is often criticized by growers of the ´real´ Bamboo. Therefore we want to start a refuge for aficionados of the Lucky Bamboo on this site.

In the world wide web, you find mostly commercial sites about the Lucky bamboo. Please notice: This is an absolute ´Non-Profit-Site´. We dissociate from any commercial offers!

It seems, that growers and dealers of this plant keep their secret about culture and propagation very well! That is why we try to collect the knowledge about care and propagation of this plant for common use.

This website and the board was only available in German language until now. The success in the german language area induced us, to start an international version of this project.  The first step is the english board. Owners of the Lucky Bamboo got the possibility to share their experiences and questions with interested people all over the world. Other topics will follow as far as possible ...

We think, it will be very interesting to look at the growing of the Dracaena Sanderiana (sometimes also called Dracaena Sanderana), at different climatic zones and conditions all over the world.
Maybe it´s also a chance to contract international friendships or just an
opportunity to refresh your own english-skills (like me)!

If you got problems with the use of the board or any other part of this site, just send a short e-mail to office at gluecksbambus dot info, and we will try to help!

Now it depends on you! Join our search for the secrets about the Lucky Bamboo and let this site grow!

Thanks for your collaboration!