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Dear Webmaster, please help to make our website more public!





If you got a site about plants or something like that, please insert a link to our site!. The best way to do this is, to copy and paste the fllowing HTML-lines into your site. So you can save webspace and traffic!

<!-- Begin Bannercode -->
<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src=""
width=468 height=60 border=0
alt="Lucky Bamboo/Dracaena Sanderiana - The Community">
<!-- End Bannercode -->

 The result should look like this:

Lucky Bamboo/Dracaena Sanderiana - The Community

A Textlink to is welcome too!

If this is done, please send a short e-mail to office at
gluecksbambus dot info with your Bannercode
 or your logo and we will insert it here within a few days! Thanks for your help!